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10th Annual Imagine Walk and Family Fun Day for Autism

Warwick, Rhode Island

Monique Brady's Page

Hello Friends and Family, near and far!

It's that time of year, how time flies!  Many of you have seen TJ throughout the past year, so you know how much he's grown!  He's taller than the twins and weighs 90-something pounds.  Needless to say, I can no longer pick him up when he says, "Big Hug Please!"  TJ just continues to amaze us everyday.  He has become more verbal, more patient and definitely much more social.  Thanks in part to his siblings, but also to those he interacts with daily- his teachers and friends at school, his family and friends at home.  He is more tolerant to people invading his space, and willing to engage in games with other kids that come over!  I have to say that we are so fortunate to have the group of friends and family that we have.  Everyone has always been so kind and patient with TJ, and in turn, have taught their own children to do the same.  I love to see how the other kids try to engage him in games and activities, and the willingness they exhibit in making him feel "included."  This past year TJ has done horseback riding, which he loves, continues taking his art classes and is working towards making his First Communion.  And for those who know TJ well, knows that he LOVES his electronics- the iPad and iPhone!  It's amazing to see him spell huge words that I never knew he could spell!  There are so many instances in which TJ demonstrates to us that he so intelligent and knows a lot more than we think, it's a matter of getting the information out of him.  We hope that he continues his improvements and that he will succeed in learning daily life skills that will someday make him an independent man.  To this end, we continue to support the Autism Project of RI, and ask that our friends and family do the same.  There is no such remedy to "cure" autism, but the support , therapy, social learning classes and referral services made possible by the Autism Project has certainly helped not only our family, but so many others here in Rhode Island.  We are so thankful there are educators, physicians and volunteers who continue their involvement in the care of our children.

As in the past, I will order TJ's Team t-shirts for those can join us on the day of the walk.  Please let me know as soon as you can so that I can get an accurate count to order.  Also, we invite you all back to the house for a lunch after the walk if you are able to make it! 

Thankful for your support time and time again,

Monique & Tom Brady 


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