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Tacoma, Washington

Teigen Shayne & Momma Mo

Teigen Shayne Conlan-Sundberg...June 3rd 2011

Please feel free to read my story or choose not too.  I would like to warn you it is very descriptive and lengthy.  Thank you for your support, I appreciate you all!

Momma Mo & Teigen Shayne's Story:

It was the morning of Friday June 3rd 2011 and I had been experiencing very heavy frequent discharge for about a day plus.  I had called prior to this morning to my OBGYN office and was told it was normal discharge (which I had read over and over and googled to ease my mind) and only if there was blood or I had a fever or such that it was a concern.  I don't recall having cramping at that time either but I did have a few movements from her which I had experienced before and thought Teigen was just rolling around in my belly having her own little monkey circus.  I do recall her feeling active and me being uncomfortable but then again I went to the books and everything said it's ligament pain and not to worry so I did not push the thought of it although it continued to weigh heavy on my mind.  I did take a rest and pushed the thought off for awhile knowing that I had a routine OBGYN check up on Monday the 6th.  Throughout the night I continued to read my books and google to ease my mind but I eventually did get to a point where I thought I should call the ambulance to take me in but I did not want to worry my Aunt I was staying with or cause a big ruckus late at night/early in the am.  So I continued to convince myself it was all normal and I would call my OBGYN in the morning to ease my mind once again  I struggled throughout the night with what I thought was normal cramping waiting for 8am to roll around so I could call.  Finally 8am came and I called, all the while forgetting that the phone lines did not open til 830am so I got ready and drove myself to St. Peter's. 

Still at this time my discharge was extremely heavy but still along the "guidelines of pregnancy discharge".  Once being seen by the nurse and the doctor on call, eventually I was told that I was dialated 2cm, the membranes were visable and my contractions were about 2-4 minutes apart.  I was then told that they were going to try and stabilize me by trying to control the contractions to slow them down or stop them completely and transfer me to Tacoma where they have the services for premature deliveries.  I was started right away on magnesium and anitbiotics then told that I would not be transfered to Tacoma because protocal says that no hospitals will intervene before 24 weeks and I was at 23 weeks and 1 day.  So then the plan changed to controlling or stopping my contractions until Wednesday the 8th and if so I would be transfered by ambulance and if she were to be born anytime after that they would do everything they could to keep her alive.  All this while her heartbeat was steady, strong and healthy at about 130.

The magnesium seemed to be working but I kept feeling the discharge and then what I thought was my water slowly leaking, they then ordered a test to see if my amniotic fluid was leaking.  My OBGYN doctor (Dr. Sears) was now involved and came to talk to me about what was going on and informed me that if indeed I was leaking amniotic fluid I would have to deliver for fear of infection to myself.  So my magnesium would be stopped and I would be induced for the delivery.  Tests came back that I was leaking amniotic fluid and by that time my contractions were under control and varying every 4-6 minutes and some a bit further...some strong and some light but it was too late.  I was transfered to a birthing suite and preperations were made for my epidural, all the while now not on magnesium and my contractions just at an irritabilty on the monitor. 

Once receiving my epidural and patossin it was like Teigen was fighting along with me, she did not want to come out...her heart beat was at 130 at the lowest and 150 at the highest-all completely normal, healthy heart beats.  I was given my first round of patossin, then they bumped me up by two then another and all the while my contractions were staying at 4 minutes and slowing then steadying.  Eventually, my body just gave in and the contractions grew more frequent.  I then felt what I thought was the pressure of her head coming out but what I felt was the sac and that did not come out until the next contraction. 

Following the next contraction I was told to push and she was visible in the breech position but not ready to come out.  By the third push she came out, my doctor (she was/is so amazing) was letting me know..."yes her legs are a bit bruised, she has ten fingers and ten toes..."  It took a little manipulating to get her out but she came out and was cleaned off, wrapped up and given to me right away and then I shared those precious 54 minutes of her life with her.  Her heartbeat throughout the whole 54 minutes was at 40 and she was breathing the whole time on her own but she did make about 7 big gasps for air thoughout.  She opened her mouth when doing so and her little chest moved and you could see her little pulse beating through her arm.  She was absolutely so perfect and so cute that it seemed as though I could take her home then and there.  She was so proportioned and had little defined arms like me and had the cutest calve muscles.  She was a very fit baby that is for sure!  Her hands and feet had the cutest fingernails and toenails-so perfect.  I couldn't believe how much she looked like me :-)  It was really unbelievable that she was not going to be alive with me for the rest of my life at that moment and that there was nothing anyone would or could do because of protocol to save her life...she was fighting strong to stay there still and at 11:25pm she no longer had a heartbeat. 

I kept her with me overnight and continued to hold her throughout the night except at times when they took her measurements and when I was being cleaned up but I was with her until the last minute I left the hospital Saturday fighting my meds all night long strying to stay awake and I was pretty dosed up.  My last moment spent with her was just her and I...I undressed her out of her clolthes I had chose to put her in that came in this amazing gift package from the hospital and held her little naked body and loved her and kissed every little part of her and told her "mommy loves you and will miss you" and placed her with my nurse and then kissed her and repeated the same thing until I knew it was time to go.  She was so soft, she was perfectly so precious...

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