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Citizen Schools expands the learning day, makes real-world connections for middle school students and impacts the communities it serves.

Thanks for the memories.- It's an odd thing to say when I'm only a semester into my first year of fellowship with Citizen Schools but it's truly amazing the IMPACT a semester makes.

We launched a new campus, pioneering a new model of educational reform. At Elmhurst Community Prep Middle School in Oakland, Citizen Schools has extended the school day for every 6th grader to 8-5pm.

The Extended Learning Time model fully integrates the school day with the after school program so that the two work seamlessly. The extra hours each day is invested in homework support, learning 21st century skills, exploring college and career connections as well as apprenticeships taught by Citizen Teacher volunteers.

Apprenticeships built the foundation of the program. Students learn through hands-on experience from volunteer Citizen Teachers who are passionate about the subject, exposing them to new possibilities. As Citizen Teacher Liaison of Elmhurst Community Prep, I connect caring community members with our students by inviting them to teach apprenticeships. When they share their passion, they change lives.

Consider this an invitation from me to you to share your time, talent and passion with our students.
Next year we hope to continue to serve our students. At Elmhurst we are currently staffed to support every 6thgrader and as they grow to become 7th graders we hope to grow with them.

Citizen Schools is non-profit organization and its growth and success depend on generous support from individuals and companies.Even if you don’t have the time to become a Citizen Teacher, you can change lives by supporting the cause and making a donation.

I thank you for considering the opportunity to donate to a worthwhile cause.

Yours in service,
Jerico Mike Paguio
Citizen Teacher Liaison

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