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In a community where the majority of adults don't even have a high school degree, Citizen Schools is providing middle school students with a unique extended learning time program complete with apprenticeships that give them first-hand experiences at future careers.


Andres, a sixth grader at Elmhurst Community Prep in the heart of East Oakland, dreams of being an engineer someday. Every Thursday last semester, he went to a Lego Robotics apprenticeship, taught by a real engineer, Maynard Holiday. There, Andres learned how to build and program a Lego Robot, but more importantly he learned about what classes to take in high school and which colleges to consider in the pursuit of his dreams. Despite of his upbringing in the underserved area of Oakland, Andres has been inspired by his apprenticeship and now plans on going to university and major in engineering.

Citizen Schools is a nationwide non-profit organization that expands the students' learning time by providing the 'second shift', from 2:00-5:00 p.m. During that extended time, students receive help with their homework and attend apprenticeships taught by volunteer Citizen Teachers.

Apprenticeships create a tangible world of possibilities. Each semester students choose two classes from a variety of apprenticeships from belly-dancing to Lego Robotics to cupcake baking to parkour to blogging with Google - students connect with professionals in their field of interest. Imagine the impact that makes on middle schooler.

Please consider supporting our work at Elmhurst Community Prep:
$5 - A box of brand new pencils to finish our homework
$10 - Special Snack for our Team of the Week
$50 - A set of new books for a classroom
$80 - Sponsor an apprenticeship; a ten-week, hands-on learning workshop taught by a volunteer from our community
$300 - Sponsor a school bus for us to take field trips to Bay Area colleges


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