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STAND! For Families Free of Violence

STAND! Up for Children Campaign

Concord, California

Michelle & Steve Davis's Page

Each of us treasure the children close to us and strive to keep them safe. As you know, we work on behalf of less fortunate kids; kids who are abused and neglected,  and growing up with fear and despair.

We know that the lion's share of abuse and neglect takes place within the home. Some of us have personal experience in our own family networks.  Young children and infants are especially vulnerable as they lack the physical, emotional, verbal and social resources to defend themselves or to get help.

We're working to ensure that their despair becomes hope; their fear becomes trust.


We’re transforming lives
We’re creating brighter futures

One child at a time

You may think you’re an ordinary person. In fact, you can be a hero to child in need. The smallest act can have the biggest impact—please make a donation today.

Thanks so much and please  forward this to anyone who you think might want to make a difference too!

Michelle & Steve

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