Michelle Jacobi


MS Run the US 2013 Relay

Michelle Jacobi

Running Partner for the MS Run the US – 2013 Relay

What: The MS Run the US – 2013 Relay begins in Los Angeles, CA and finishes in New York, NY. Sixteen (16) runners have been selected to each run the equivalent of a marathon per day for six days during their assigned segment. The entirety of the Relay will span from April, 15th, 2013 to September 6th, 2013 in an effort to raise $500,000 to help cure multiple sclerosis. More information at: www.msruntheus.com

Bio Overview:

Hometown/Current Location:
Marsing, Idaho
Segment of interest: #5 Nephi, UT 167-miles baby!!

Runner Story:
Seventeen years ago I experienced my first real symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It was frustrating but the emotional struggle to get answers to what was causing the numbness and lack of feeling and mobility was even more trying.

When I finally got my diagnosis nine years ago, it became apparent that I needed to do something to prevent this path from happening to others. I wanted to jump in and make a difference. I wanted to create more awareness to get a faster diagnosis for others. Most of all I wanted to find a cure.

Having MS hasn’t slowed me down one bit, mainly because I don’t stand still long enough to let MS catch up to me. I love being the sales director for a national homebuilder, volunteering on our city’s planning and zoning committee, being a local school board member, serving for several non-profit organizations but most importantly I raise 3 amazing boys and lots of money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society with the love and support of my family, friends, and wonderful husband of 17 years!! Because MS runs in our family, the odds are that one of my three boys will also fight this disease. I run with the hope that this will never happen.

Joining Ashley and the MS Run the US Team is a highlight and the ultimate challenge in my running and fundraising career! For those you familiar with this disease, heat and exercise are not my friend, however I will overcome those odds and do my part in making a difference for MS! Having MS only fuels my passion to run for all those who can’t and more importantly…to find a cure!!


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