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HAWS 29th Annual Pet Walkathon

Sussex, Wisconsin

Mugsy Hinrichs's Page

Everyone knows how much Tim and I adore our rescue dog, Waggy.  If it were not for HAWS we would not have her.  Jessica, an employee at HAWS, became Waggy's foster mother and raised her since she was 2 days old.  There was already a nursing poodle at HAWS so Waggy was able to join right in and share her milk!

I have been volunteering at HAWS for the past 10 years!  Besides walking, bathing and loving all the dogs I also do laundry, dishes etc just to help out.  I can't imagine the number of dogs (100's 1000's) I have had contact with.  Its hard to believe that so many have been unloved and uncared for- many just abandoned.  HAWS does their absolute best to make all these dogs adoptable so they might find a loving home like Waggy did.  We sometimes wonder who got the better end of the deal-Waggy or us!

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