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Why did I choose Citizen Schools?  In high school I was always very curious about why some students had the intrinsic motivation to achieve and why some did not; why some had the skills to succeed academically and why others did not.  These discrepancies led me to want to do something in life that would empower those around me to fulfill their greatest potential.  However, after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill I wasn't sure where this journey would begin, but then I heard about Citizen Schools!  The organization's mission to close the achievement gap by focusing on low performing middle schools across the nation inspired me to apply, and I knew this is where my very important work would begin!

I am currently a first year Teaching Fellow with Citizen Schools.  I work with a team of sixth graders who challenge me everyday.  Though some days are harder than others, I know that I am making a meaningful impact on their lives that will help guide them to success in their futures.

"So how do you make this impact Mykia?" you may be thinking.  Well read on to see!

Monday - Thursday 9:00am-1:30p.m. I prepare for my time with my students - lesson planning, entering and analyzing data as part of my Data Lead role, and getting together other things that will make the day successful!

From 2:30-5:30p.m. we run program where we get to impact the lives of our students through an hour of homework support which we call AIM (Aspire Invest Make the Grade) everyday; Academic League lessons on Mondays where we teach Language Arts skills; Apprenticeships (our Special Sauce!) on Tuesdays and Thursdays where volunteers from the community and local businesses teach kids hands-on learning projects around robotics, law, and other career fields; and C3 (College and Career Connections) on Wednesdays where we teach lessons around college preparation and get students in the mindset of what it takes to go to college.

As you see we do A LOT in Citizen Schools to help impact our future leaders and I am asking you to help us continue to do this awesome work through your donation.  Whether you donate $10 or $100 your donation will help us continue our mission of equitable education and opportunities for all children!

I thank you in advance for your support and challenge YOU to invest in our future!   

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