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Myranda Bridges's Page

This year has been quite a journey for me with Citizen Schools, at Mescalero Apache School, but my journey is one that pales in comparison to the journey's that have been taken by some of the wonderful Apache students that I work with and have grown to love dearly, in this short time.

My seventh grade team has come a long way since the beginning of the year. They have made progressive leaps towards leadership, respect and perseverance that would amaze anyone who had met them back in August.

One of the most impressive specimins of this progress is a seventh grade boy who at the start if the year was skipping out on school almost daily. Behind his grade-level, academically; withdrawn, emotionally; and completely obstinate to participation of any kind, early in the year this student showed no signs of willingness to learn what-so-ever. By December we were all amazed as we were preparing for our WOW event, which we hold at the end of each semester, when this same student, who at one time would have refused to read out-loud in a classroom, not only volunteered to read aloud on-stage, but insisted he take on additional lines!

The amazing growth of these middle-school students, fighting against incredible odds, can not be adequately expressed in words. The astounding growth of myself and my colleagues as we daily struggle to fight along side them is even more difficult to explain. I can only say that without the organization that brought us all to this beautiful place, all of our passion, energy and dedication would not be serving this worthy community and its wonderful people.

Please help our students accomplish their goals by helping me accomplish my goal of $444 that I ask you to give our organization as my birthday present on 4-4 this year!


Myranda Rodriguez Bridges

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