Nadya's Run for Palestinian Refugees


Nadya's Run for Palestinian Refugees

Nadya's Run for Palestinian Refugees

About Nadya's Run for Palestinian Refugees:

Nadya's Run for Palestinian Refugees is a grassroots running fundraiser for the Friends of United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA), Inc.  UNRWA is a relief and human development agency, providing education, healthcare, social services, and emergency aid to over 4.6 million refugees living in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon and the Syrian Arab Republic.  UNRWA is by far the largest United Nations operation in the Middle East, with over 29,000 staff, almost all of them refugees themselves, working directly to benefit their communities - as teachers, doctors, nurses, or social workers.  UNRWA programs break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness widespread in the refugee camps.  As many of you know, my father is a Palestinian refugee and UNRWA schools played a key role in him getting a strong education that ultimately afforded him the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree and PhD in the United States.  I have spent the last six years of my life studying development in Palestinian refugee camps located throughout Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.  Supporting UNRWA is a very important cause to me. 


On May 1, 2010 I will be running my first marathon, the Illinois Marathon in Champaign-Urbana, IL.  My goal is to raise $2600 (a hundred dollars for every mile I run) to donate to the Friends of UNRWA Inc.

What our donations can do:

UNRWA has experienced chronic budget shortages since its inception.  UNRWA is funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions, outside of a very limited subsidy from the regular budget of the United Nations, which is used exclusively for administrative costs. Donations, even small ones, can make a meaningful difference in the lives of Palestinian refugees.

$20.00- Protects a child against all vaccine preventable diseases.

$45.00- Buys a family of 4 food items for a month that covers 50% of its caloric intake.

$50.00- Buys a schoolgirl textbooks and supplies for an entire year.

$300.00- Helps a refugee woman develop a micro-enterprise or income-generating project.

$500.00- Provides a leak-free roof for a mother and her children.

About Friends of UNRWA and UNRWA:

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Nadya's Run for Palestinian Refugees
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