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Special Olympics Georgia, Inc.

Over The Edge 2012

Atlanta, Georgia

Natalie Helen Hranek's Page

I am going OVER THE EDGE for my brother. Growing up with a very special brother always has its times.  I remember when I was little and he would always get made fun of because he was "different".  The one thing that stands out in my mind the most is when he came home from school and had scrapes on his shins.  I asked him what happened and he told me that someone tripped him on the track while he was running. RIDICULOUS! Still to this day he is made fun of for being "different", many times he feels embarrassed and ashamed of who he is, but Special Olympics has changed him.  He used to be shy and wanting to stay home all the time, now he's active in the Special Olympics family and is winning tons of medals! He loves going to state games and kicking butt! So he is my reason for going Over The raise awareness that not only are you giving to an amazing organization (who I have the privilege of working for) but to change a life of someone who may not have the confidence and determination that comes so easily for many of us. Now let's raise some money!!!!


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