Nathan Jonaitis's Fundraising Page


Mt. Pleasant Polar Plunge 2011

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Nathan Jonaitis's Fundraising Page

To whom it may concern,


I would first like to start by thanking everyone that donated last year; thank you.  I have been jumping into Rose pond, (one of the ponds by the football field at Central Michigan University), in the middle of winter for four years now.  If you have ever attended CMU you would know how unpleasant the ponds are.  So, not only do I brave the frigid temperatures, but I also get covered in a very nasty pond filth and odor.  The up side is that all of the money that I raise goes directly to Special Olympics Michigan.  This is something that I have had a lot of fun with and have become very passionate about.  Any donation that you can give is a great help and greatly appreciated.  I encourage you to come watch the event.  I have a couple ideas for a costume this year but have not settled on one yet. My goal for this year is $6,000!


Awards to date (I have been doing this for four years):      

-2007  Golden Plunger Award  (also raised around $1,200)

-2008  Most Money Raised by an Individual (around $2,500)

-2009  Golden Plunger Award and Most Money Raised by an Individual (around $3,200)

-2010  Most Money Raised by an Individual (which was just over $5,000)


Feel free to pass this page on to any friends or colleagues that you feel would be interested in donating.  Any questions you can email me at:


Ways that you can donate include:  donate online, sending me cash or a check.  If you do this make the check out to "Special Olympics Michigan".  Also, you can personally give me cash or check (or call me and I will come pick it up).  Last, you can drop off donations at The Bird Bar and Grill in downtown Mt. Pleasant.


Nathan Jonaitis

1036 S Fancher                     Plunge date is: February 19th, 2011

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

Phone #: 989-400-7983


New this year: The largest donor will get their name or business name on a flag or banner that I will carry at the plunge!


Thank you,

Nathan Jonaitis


Special Olympics Michigan is not only a great organization to donate to, it is also located locally, at Central Michigan University.




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