Nathan Bruner's Going to New York for HD


Nathan Bruner's Going to New York for HD

Nathan Bruner's Going to New York for HD

Hello Everyone, I'm going to New York City to run the Marathon!  Having never ran more than one 10k in my life, two years ago at Christmas I was reflecting and decided to train and run my first marathon and scratch it off my bucket list. My wife was doubtful at first but was very supportive- as were the boys. It ended up being quite an experience with all the training and the race itself was nothing sort of an amazing experience. As a bonus, and with help from many family and friends, I managed to raise $2,020 for the Team 2 Cure HD, which raises money towards a cure of Huntington Disease. That year I ran a total of 550 miles, most of it in the 6 months prior to the marathon. Not bad for someone who never ran. Last year I ran a little, but it hasn’t really been the same.

So earlier this year I was reflecting and thinking it would be fun to do again, but can’t just do the same thing, I need to top it and top it big. As I thought about going big, an idea came to mind….New York. What could be bigger than running the New York Marathon? Yeah, yeah, I know…Boston is the famous one but I will have to be in the 90 year old age bracket to qualify with my times. Anyway, New York is the biggest Marathon.  So, I just found out I am in and I'm gonna run for HD again.  I have two months to train, find accomodations, book a flight and get the word out.  Now that is a challenge!

The New York City marathon is November 3rd and I have done some training this year.  I ran the San Diego Triple Crown Half Marathon Series. It is three half marathons between January and April. The New York Marathon is in November. Like I said…gotta go big, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

I will again be running for Team 2 Cure HD in the name of the Renato Family and we gotta go big on the fund raising as well.  Renato is a friend and former co-worker of over 20 years.  I remember when his daughters were born and the stories as they were growing up. Renato's wife Sharon was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease (HD) a few years ago and it took their family by surprise and changed their lives forever. Renato took up riding his bike in the Race Across America, training for many, many hours. He does it to find treatments and hopefully a cure for HD so that his daughters, and so many others, will not have to live with this in their lives or have it hanging over their heads.

I remembered a magazine that ran a story on Renato’s efforts to raise money by riding his bike across America. In the story they asked him how he kept it going and if he ever wanted to just stop. His reply should inspire us all. He said he does not stop because he keeps in his thoughts that those with HD do not have the option of quitting and that they are enduring so much more. If they can endure then so must he.  Runners are a lot like that too, as I have run in several races this year, so many have made it clear they run for Boston, they run for remembrance, they run for cures.  Runners just run, they just keep going, they know the finish line eventually comes.  The beauty is in the simplicity of the mental act of forcing your body 26 miles when your ready to quit after the first.

I have and continue to use that motivation when I ran my first marathon and will again as I tackle this new challenge, and I will not quit. Neither should we stop or quit in finding treatments and cures for HD so that others can have a life free of this terrible disease. There are some really courageous families out there battling this disease who are not quitting so we must not quit in trying to stop it.  Unlike the marathon, we don't know where the finish line is for an HD cure, but we know much progress has been made and your donation could be the one that puts us over the line.  Just keep running.

I looked at my runningn log for this year up until New York. You know the old saying “If I had a nickel for every time….” So I am asking if you would like to contribute to my efforts this year, to consider donating a nickel per mile I run in training and the races to help find a cure for HD, more if you wish (like I said, we are going big this year).  A nickel a mile would be somewhere around $30.  As I average 9 minutes per mile, thats just a rate of roughly 33 cents an hour. What a deal!  Just as my first marathon was a little daunting, this challenge also seems tough, but I am going to do it.  Donate for the one you love and again join me on my journey.

I will keep you all posted how it is going throughout the year. You can give anytime now until November. The picture there here is from the finish line of the Rock N Roll Marathon two years ago.

Take Care and Best to you All,

P.S.  You can read about my journey of my first marathon by visiting my rock n roll marathon fundraising page.  I did lose 30 lbs and finished in 4 hrs 23 min.

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