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2012 Oklahoma City Polar Plunge

Oklahoma City , Oklahoma

Ice Ninja's Page

Ice Ninja consists of Oklahoma Special Olympics athlete Chris Paynter, his brother Nick and four of their do-gooder buddies (Ryan, Kyle, Adam and Justin) from the rough and tumble streets of Edmond, Oklahoma.

Our fearless leader Chris has participated in Special Olympics for 30 years.  During that time, he has become a decorated athlete in the sports of powerlifting and alpine skiing. However, for Chris, its not just about the competition.  Through Special Olympics, Chris has not only been given the opportunity to compete with some of the world's most elite athletes, he has also made a multitude of lifelong friends with whom he shares many awe-inspiring memories.

In the past, Ice Ninja members have been content to cheer from the sidelines as their fearless leader subjected himself to the fridgid winter waters of White Water Bay during the annual Polar Plunge. NOT THIS YEAR!!!  Each and every member of the notorious Edmond gang will sacrifice his body (and pride) to the icy drink on February 4 in exchange for your donation to Oklahoma Special Olympics.  This year, we're all freezin for a reason! Please help us reach our goal!

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