Nik Tyack's Fundraising Page

North and South Rivers Watershed Association, Inc.

Nik Tyack's Fundraising Page

Nik Tyack's Fundraising Page

Please Support My Paddle for the Rivers!

Between June 2nd and June 5th, 2009, I plan to canoe the Wampanoag Commemorative Canoe Passage. The Passage was a historically important waterway utilized by the Wampanoag tribe of Southern Massachusetts and it links the mouth of the North River on Massachusetts Bay to the Taunton River and eventually Narragansett Bay. You can learn more about the Canoe Passage at the following website:

By undertaking this trek, I hope to raise money for the the North and South River Watershed Association, a local organization that means a lot to me. I learnt a lot about what NSRWA does last summer when I worked as a counselor for their River Adventures program, a camp designed to enable kids to have fun on the rivers and  teach them how to be watershed stewards. NSRWA works to educate new generations of river-lovers, to make sure that the rivers stay clean, and to maintain the wildness and beauty of the watershed as a resource for everyone living in nearby South Shore suburbs as well as visitors to the area.

Giving money to organizations like NSRWA is like putting money towards a stock you know will go up. We typically overlook the natural wealth of where we live and how much it means to us; giving money to organizations that act to protect such natural wealth, however, is an investment in a bright and better future, one with clean water to swim in, healthy fish and clams, and beautiful rivers to explore. Give today and your money will be turned into something meaningful and lasting. Now more than ever is the right time to support a unique and beautiful ecosystem in our own backyard.

Giving is easy! You can either click the "Sponsor Me Now" button above or make out a check to NSRWA (please note that it's for "Nik's paddle") and send to NSRWA PO Box 43 Norwell MA 02061.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Thank you,

Nicholas Tyack

P.S. Pictures from the trip are now posted at, while documentation for the trip is posted at, for anyone who's interested!

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Nik Tyack's Fundraising Page
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