Running for a Cure - #IRun4Kadence


Running for a Cure - #IRun4Kadence

Running for a Cure - #IRun4Kadence

This year I decided to do year long fundraising as I train and prepare for the New York City Marathon in November, running in multiple other races over the next 11 months all in support of SMA to help bring awareness and education to the many who have never heard of this horrible disease that is the #1 genetic killer of infants and young children. 

Like so many, I was completely unaware of what SMA was or that it even exisited until I was paired with Kadence Hastings through the #IRun4 group on Facebook, who pairs runners with those who are affected by mental/physical disorders/diseases 4 years ago. I now dedicate my runs, workouts and races all to Kadence and those who are fighting SMA. I proudly wear my Kadence Krew tank at every race I run, happy to share with everyone who asks "what is SMA?" or even meeting those who personally have someone affected or who is now an SMA angel. 

There is no cure though recently the FDA has approved a treatment that has been in trials for awhile now, however it is still unknown as far as it's impact and the benefits, so reseach and testing continues which is why I continue to help raise awareness and fundraise for SMA. SMA is degenerative, eventually taking away the ability to walk, stand, eat, speak, swallow or even breath. 

Kadence, my strong willed firecracker, has SMA-3. She was diagnosed when she was 2-years-old when her parents noticed setbacks that she had gained as a growing toddler. Since then the mobility in her legs has gradually decreased but her will keeps her moving and doing what she wants and what she loves. She rides horses, loves to swim, and works hard regularly in PT to not let SMA win while they wait for a cure. 

Please help support my efforts and those affected by SMA to find a cure so that one day no doctor will ever have to tell a family there is no treatment and to enjoy what little time is left with their newborn or that their child's future involves that of mobility in a wheelchair. Every little bit help! 

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