Going for a Threepeat


Woodford Wag 2012

Versailles, Kentucky

Going for a Threepeat

The Chicago Bulls. The New York Yankees. The New England Patriots.

These are what the sports world calls Dynastys.

Daisy. This is what Woodford Wag Fundraising calls a Dynasty. But unlike the sports teams, Daisy doesn't raise money for the glory, or the rhinestone collar (Ok, so she does want a rhinestone collar). No, she raises money for the dogs and cats like Mercedes, Noah, Pita and Bella who call the WHS their home while waiting  for their forever families to walk through the front door. For the past two years, Daisy has been the Top Fundraiser, and she would like to keep the streak going. She wants to be on top again this year, and with your help, she will be. Any small amount helps, and really, who could say no to that face?

All the animals at the WHS apprecate your help, and Daisy will send each person who donates a photo of her in that Collar! 

"Every animal deserves a home like mine."

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