Nikki Rouleau's Fundraising Page


Nikki Rouleau's Fundraising Page

Nikki Rouleau's Fundraising Page

Occupation:   Showhost at Jewelry Television JTV

Age:  41

What is your dance experience?  I was a cheerleader five million years ago and coached cheer dance for many years after high school.  However, the extent of my dancing now is jumping around with my nine-year-old daughter and dancing and singing off-key into a hairbrush as a microphone.

Why are you doing this event?  My son, now 18, was very ill when he was a toddler and was cared for so well at Children's Hospital.  The hospital also cared for my daughter when she suffered a total break to both bones in her arm a year ago and required surgery and extensive treatment.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the entire staff for their expertise and their immense kindness.

Why should people vote for you?  I do this purely out of sincere gratitude for the blessings my children and I have received during our experiences at Children's Hospital.  I am a celebrity, but I am a mother first and can speak firsthand to the importance of the care and professionalism provided by Children's Hospital.  I live in a very rural area of East Tennessee that fully depends on Children's Hospital for the best care.  I would love to represent my area and other smaller communities that are served by the hospital.

Anything else you would like to add? To potential charitable voters I would like to say please cast your  votes for whomever you choose.  I would certainly be excited to win, but more excited to see this year's event be the most successful ever.  In giving to Children's Hospital we all receive a blessing!

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Nikki Rouleau's Fundraising Page
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