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In February of 2011 I was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer. I had surgery and was pronounced "clean". I went to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX every 3 months and was always given a "cancer clean". They, however, did not ever look into my brain or at the leg where I had the original melanoma and surgery. In Feb of 2012, after very severe headaches, it was discovered that I had cancerous melanoma tumors on my brain-7 to be exact. Surgery was done on the largest and most accessible. The 6 remaining tumors were done with radiation. After 10 treatments and another MRI 4 tumors remained. I was now eligible for Gamma Knife radiation treatment. This was done and MRI showed that all were either dead or shrinking. Nodules appeared on my leg where the original melanoma was discovered in 2011. A biopsy showed that the nodules were Melanoma and that the Melanoma was now in my bloodstream. I was put on Zelboraf which made me very sick. I was taken off when my liver and kidney blood results were too high. I went back on the drug 2 weeks later and off again when once again the drug was effecting my liver and kidney. MD Anderson has no more answers. The Zelboraf will NOT remove the melanoma from my bloodstream, it will return. It's only function is that it will remove the melanoma nodules. I am 23 and out of options. I need to find an alternative treatment which is not covered by my medical insurance. I need funds to do this. A cancer benefit is being held on August 11, 2012 at Diamond B Ranch in Alvin, TX where hopes of raising money to fund my alternative treatment plan is high. Visit Search for the "Benefit Nikolas Linton".

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