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2015 Cool Schools Penguin Plunge - Burlington

Burlington, Vermont

Noah Kiernan's Page

The Penguin Plunge occurs in Burlington, VT, in the middle of February. It is a benefit for the Special Olympics Vermont. A large section of ice is cut free from the main boat launch and hundreds of people whose friends have sponsored them run into the freezing water. I am proud to be a co-organizer for my school’s team. Most importantly, I am a happy survivor of three February plunges into a frozen lake. Through our Penguin Plunge program, we have challenged faculty to let students shave their heads at winter carnival if we break fundraising goals. For every $10,000, we shave another teacher. I have had the treat of shaving two math teachers in front of the entire student body (1400 kids and faculty). When I was a sophmore, our team was under 100 plungers and raised close to $28,000. Last year we had over 125 plungers and raised $46,000. We have already begun work to surpass both those records in the 2015 plunge. 10% of the total we raise comes back into our Unified Sports team, strengthening next year’s program. The Special Olympics and Penguin Plunge have become the most rewarding experiences of my life. Please donate, and absolutely anything helps. This year CVU's goal is to have over 200 plungers and raise over $60,000.


(If you’re curious about the Penguin Plunge, here’s a link to TV coverage of our school


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