2 Carolina Cats - Finnegan & Buddy


Walk For Animals 2006

Training buddies Ramona, Bucky

2 Carolina Cats - Finnegan & Buddy

We are online friends of Miss Ramona! She is the sweetest little girl we
have ever met and we are proud to be a part of her team and help make her
Big Dream come true!

We are participating in honor of our sister Daisy. She was adopted by mom
and Finny in June, 2001. Daisy and Finny quickly became friends and loved
each other very much.

In February, 2002, Daisy became very sick and after three days of tests and
medicines, she was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis or FIP. On
February 20, mom had to help Daisy to the Rainbow Bridge. She was about 1
1/2 years old.

We want to raise money so that all the cats and kittens at the Conway Area
Humane Society stay healthy and never have to leave their family before they
have lived a long and happy life.

Thank you Miss Ramona!! Let's make the Big Dream come true!!!!

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2 Carolina Cats - Finnegan & Buddy
In honor of our sister Daisy