pH Productions Theater Build Out Project

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pH Productions Theater Build Out Project

pH Productions Theater Build Out Project


Our biggest goal yet as a company has finally been realized! Recently, our Executive Director signed the lease on an amazing space in the heart of Andersonville! We are thrilled to be bringing our special brand of comedy and pHamily to the area - but we still need your help. The space is gorgeous, however - we'll need everything from toilet paper and light bulbs to sound board and lights.

Unlike most people who celebrate a 10th Anniversary, we never had a wedding that provided us with gifts and donations to set us up "house". To that end, we have created a Registry listing all of the things we need to make this new space a home for our pHamily!

We apprciate you supporting pH and  we hope you'll join us for a spectacular season of original sketch, theatrical, musical and improv shows.

Next up The Assemblers

Then: The Room the Musical

In the fall we've got Rocky Horror and of course we'll be revisiting Santa (both naughty and nice) through the holiday season.

Many thanks for stopping by and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Thank you,

Michelle Marquardt

Director, Fundraising

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