2012 Puget Sound Buddy Walk

Seattle, Washington


Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 1pm to 4pm at our Seattle Center is the Down Syndrome Community Puget Sound Buddy Walk.  I am going to raise money for the Buddy Walk 2012 for the great kids and their families. The babies are so cute and so sweet.  

My name is Evan. I am a great person. Please tell everybody my Buddy Walk page is ready now at http://tinyurl.com/StrTrkWWE12

I have diabetes and also Down syndrome. Most people do not know the facts about diabetes. People have a lot to learn about Down syndrome. That is still okay. I am a person first like everybody else.

I have many friends here and many who become friends. Some friends I respect have diabetes and some have Down syndrome. Many people live a good life anyway.

There are many ways I help people and live a good life. I am important in other people's days. They are happy if they know me. I like parties and dancing and talking with people. I like different things like working out or reading a book. If you have a problem you can talk to me. I will help you understand how things get better.

Some people in your family can help you be healthy and learn many things or somebody else will help you at work and regular life.

Thanks for helping out the Buddy Walk for people with Down syndrome and our families and friends. The raffle is fun. Many good prizes so you can buy tickets and win. Everybody likes the games and entertainment. Everybody can have fun and talk to each other and meet new people. See all the cute children. Buy things from adults who have Down syndrome who have their business there. The money, do not worry about it. Save up for something good for your family and for a waitress a nice tip.

I have good family around me with Pam. I was a baby with Down syndrome and in a hurry for my birthday in October instead of waiting until December. Pam loved to cuddle me right away and smile at me. I was an early baby in the NICU. She loves me just the same right now. 

Some other families just have a mom and sister like me. There is my Aunt Mary Anne, and so beautiful Grandma Mary who I like so much to see in my dreams with good love all that way. Grandpa loved me also. We live far away and always very close from my heart.

Other great babies have Down syndrome. Everyone should love them and the mothers for fun and a good life. Mothers work hard and know their babies and tell the truth. People are all surprised by children with Down syndrome learning so much. 

I grew up with many friends with me and they have good families who like me and Pam so much. Everyone helps Pam help everyone with little problems children might have. Good parenthood helps when you are little and when you grow up. 

The Down Syndrome Community is good with all kinds of families. Every child with Down syndrome is a new different person with easy and confusing parts. The National Down Syndrome Society has good information about other children and teenagers and sweet babies who are so cute with smiles or peek a boo.

I meet adorable babies at The Buddy Walk. They grow up so fast. I am proud of them. I met with older people with Down syndrome when I was in school. They told me about their jobs and travel or writing a book and acting. All those moms helped them speak out. 

Good friends with Down syndrome are sometimes like me and also different ways. We are so interesting. It is not boring. I went to the hospital this year for surgery with pain. Now I am strong again. Everyone hoped I would feel better soon. They are happy again now.

I want many people to help out with money and prizes for the best Buddy Walk we can be doing. Anyone can be a buddy anytime anywhere. I have fun with the people I meet. Friends with my family help me have the very best life all year. If you need a friend find a good person with Down syndrome to take care of you. Always be nice to the mom who helps everyone have a happy life. Do not say the R-word.

Please be kind.

In this picture I have the best tuxedo from Men's Wearhouse. I still take good care of my diabetes. Pam will remember when I am busy. Pam is my mother. She is good manager of my career. Take time to stay healthy. Being sick takes a long time. That is just how it goes. 

Please tell everybody my Buddy Walk page is ready now at http://tinyurl.com/StrTrkWWE12

We can see more about information from http://www.downsyndromecommunity.org/BuddyWalk.htm

We can see the story about the Starlight Prom again. 

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