2011 Puget Sound Buddy Walk

Seattle, Washington


"Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for the National Down Syndrome Society and Down Syndrome Community 15th Annual Puget Sound Buddy Walk on 10/2/2011 at Seattle Center from 1 pm to 4 pm in Seattle, Washington." 

It is so cool and a nice walk for everybody. They spend the money in many good ways, for babies and adults who have Down syndrome like me.

People have Down syndrome when they are born. When families learn more about Down syndrome they know how to help. When we get older it is nice that we help our families. 

I am not the only one with Down syndrome in the neighborhood. There are all types of people with Down syndrome who all like different things and want to do different things. Some of my friends have Down syndrome. Most people do not have Down syndrome. 

I like to see a movie with a friend or family, like a comedy, action, romance, science fiction, mystery and others. I like to watch many good DVDs, play games, and to do good for people. I am so interested in computers, acting classes, music, and going out to eat. Some type of foods I want are Thai, BBQ grill, Mexican, Chinese, Greek, pho, Indian, seafood, Italian and American.

My good friends I met everywhere: in preschool, kindergarten, sports, high school, Connections, Bellevue College and computer class, acting class and in plays.  I meet many good new friends all the time. You are my friend if you are reading this, I think. 

It is fun to go on dates and interesting to go to college. I am single right now. I want a job. I know many things and I can learn more.

I got diabetes when I was 7 years old and did not like it then. I have to be very careful myself now that I am grown up. If you are a child with diabetes, I hope you will be strong and healthy like me. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help. Teach other people about your diabetes. They should know about it. Some of my friends have diabetes, but most people do not have shots of insulin all the time.

I know many people and everybody wants to be a real friend, like me, who helps out sometimes. Family, friends and staff help me control my blood sugar and watch out for low blood sugar emergencies and high blood sugar. I take a break to check wherever I go.

I am raising money for the Down Syndrome Community and Down syndrome programs of the NDSS because I have a good life and I want a good life for the babies and children and teenagers who have Down syndrome like me.

If you did save up money to give for the Buddy Walk in October, thank you.  It is ok to save some money up for a vacation, or presents or a good tip for a waitress.  Don't worry about that.

It takes so long time to write this. Thanks to Pam for helping me out.

Good luck if you have a fundraising page or team for the Buddy Walk. It is a nice fun day. Bring a friend like Charlotte and many friends if you can, and family also.

Thank you if you donated a good raffle prize for people to win.

There are good parties and other places to go with the Down Syndrome Community:

You can help moms of new babies who are so cute if you find this webpage:


In 2010 my first goal was to raise $100 by 100 people when each person gives one dollar. I did raise $100 so I added another zero for One Thousand for my goal. Do not worry if you have no money to give. 

Thank you so much. You are too kind.

Your friend, Evan

The Down Syndrome Community - 15th Annual Puget Sound Buddy Walk
Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 1:00pm to 4:00pm - Center Square in the Seattle Center

Puget Sound Buddy Walk

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