Trinidad Mission Trip Fund Raising


Trinidad Mission Trip Fund Raising

Trinidad Mission Trip Fund Raising

Thank You To Everyone Who Gave!!!

I have now raised 100% of the monies for my mission trip.  Thank you so much for your prayers, donations and support.

Make sure to go to to read updates before during and after my trip.  I am expecting God to do great things on this trip!

Be Blessed!

Not Just Another Mission Trip
I will be traveling with E.L.I ministries in August on a mission trip to Trinidad. We will be partnering with Trinidad and Tobago Urban Ministries to bring the love of Jesus to the people of Trinidad and Tobago in both word and deed. (Learn more about Trinidad here.)

For those of you that know me well, my passion for evangelism and radical discipleship has taken me on mission trips around the world.  For several reasons, this particular trip is a very significant one in my transition from Pastor to tent-making Missionary.

Radical Discipleship - "Be One; Make One"
Did you know that if you make $35,000 per year you are in the top 5% of wage earners in the world  (Don't believe me? Check it out here!).  Why is this significant?  Trips like these help to open the eyes of  American Christians to a world beyond themselves.  A world that doesn't need the latest tech gadgets, enormous houses and every new thing under the sun to have joy and contentment in their lives.  Time after time, I have seen these trips transform self-centered American Christians into the true servant leaders Jesus called us to be.

The Mission
On this trip, we will partner with Trinidad and Tobago Urban Ministries (TTUM).  TTUM is a non-denominational ministry that has many different areas of outreach and has become a base for various ministries on the islands and, on a greater scale, the West Indies. Once ministries are developed they are handed over to local village leadership to carry on the work. After TTUM brings a ministry to the point of independence it continues in an advisory role.

Summary of TTUM Ministries

  • School Ministry
  • VBS (Bible Club) in local villages
  • Church Planting
  • Prison Ministry
  • Theological Education
  • Pregnancy Resource Center & Future Adoption Agency
  • Orphanage and Homeless Ministry
  • Campus Retreat Center

Get Involved
I need partners!  I am looking for individuals, families, and corporations to support me on this trip, and thereby support my greater life mission to leverage the power of mission trips to evangelize the world while discipling the church. There are two equally important ways you can get involved:

  1. Prayer - I am no fool (well, maybe a little).  The considerable fruit I have seen over the last several years of mission trip leading has been sustained primarily through the faithful prayers of those that support me.  Are you willing to commit to praying for this trip?  If so, shoot me an email ( and I'll include you on my prayer team for this trip. 
  2. Make a Donation - If you can give cheerfully to this mission, I would love your financial support. Use one of the large green "Donate Now" buttons at the top or bottom of this page.  All donations are tax deductible.

THANK YOU to all of you have already donated and committed to pray.  Your support means more than I can express with words.  Remember, the Lord keeps good records.

Yours In Christ...

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