CHASA Virtual Walkathon


CHASA Virtual Walkathon

CHASA Virtual Walkathon

We have exciting vacation plans this year!  In July, we will be traveling to Alabama to attend the CHASA Retreat.  CHASA is the Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association.  It is a support group for children (and their families) who have hemiplegia, which is a weakness or paralysis of part of the body, usually due to stroke.

As most of you know, Cameron did not have a pediatric stroke.  He was diagnosed at six months of age with a rare neurological condition called schizencephaly.  Some of his symptoms mirror those of stroke, especially his hemiplegia.  He is also diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and has limited use of the right side of his body.

Children with hemiplegia struggle daily with simple tasks that the rest of us take for granted.  Think of these kids, many who only have the use of one hand, the next time you try to fasten your clothing, brush your teeth, tie your shoes.  Never mind trying to keep up with their peers when it comes to bike riding, eating their lunch, or using the playscape at recess.

We joined CHASA to learn tips and tools to help Cameron navigate daily life. They have been an incredible help to us.  We cannot wait to have Cam meet other children like himself who have to wear a leg brace or a hand splint.  He will learn that other kids have to take seizure meds, and have weekly visits with physical and occupational therapists.

At the retreat, we will attend informational sessions in the morning. The afternoons will be free for the children to interact and learn from one another.  CHASA sponsors most events from the generous donations of their sponsors.  Please consider joining our "walkathon" to show your support.

Jim and I were truly blessed when Cameron joined our family eight years ago.  Throughout his diagnosis and treatments over the years, we have become so proud of his accomplishments and attitude.  In May of 2003, during our first neurological consult, we left Yale with a bleak picture.  We were told our son may not walk, see well, or communicate effectively.  And yet, he has dismayed all of his doctors, and is progressing well physically and academically. 

We are lucky to have a large group of friends and family who always support Cameron and his efforts. Please consider making a small contribution of just $1.00 - $5.00 to allow us to show our support of CHASA.  You may contribute on line, or send your donation to our home at 51 Oak Terrace, Durham CT 06422. 

Our intent with this walkathon is not to earn the most money of all the teams participating, but to simply show our thanks to this wonderful group of volunteers.  Thank you for your consideration of this worthy cause. 


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