Pat Kirby's Citizen Schools Grassroots Campaign

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Pat Kirby's Citizen Schools Grassroots Campaign

In America today...
...Only 1 in 2 children of color graduate high school
...Of those who make it to college, only 28% of African American students graduate with a degree…only 16% of Latino students do
...This, at a time when high school drop outs are 4x more likely to be unemployed and close to 50% more likely to be incarcerated
Citizen Schools Is Changing This Reality.
Our “second shift” staff is accelerating our students’ academic gains in middle school while developing their skills and motivation to graduate high school, persist through college and maintain a life-long commitment to learning and achievement.  By adding three more hours per day during middle school (>400 more instructional hours per student each year) we are helping some of the highest need schools in the city increase student proficiency while also hooking kids on the relevance and fun of learning.  This year, I am dedicating this fundraiser to the young staff members serving in our schools.  Right out of college, deeply committed to education reform and driven to help over a thousand students improve their life trajectories, these are the quiet heroes responsible for some truly profound impact in our schools.  In the inset picture, you’ll see some of the faces of these leaders.  We were honored to have our picture taken with Governor Patrick at a recent event celebrating Martin Luther King’s legacy of selfless service.  I want to honor their service by raising $2,000 by March 15th.   
Will you contribute to my campaign to raise $2,000 by March 15th to support their work?
This grassroots campaign is part of an overall effort to raise $75,000 as a full staff.  My ask of you is modest in comparison to the blood, sweat and tears our young teachers are pouring into their year of service.  Please consider contributing whatever you can to underwrite our Teaching Fellows and the great work they do.

Thanks for your support and your belief – in our mission, in our students and in the young leaders who make it all happen each and every day.


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Pat Kirby's Citizen Schools Grassroots Campaign
Governor Patrick thanking our staff