Patrick Olsen's Fundraising Page


Patrick Olsen's Fundraising Page

Patrick Olsen's Fundraising Page


It is worse than we feared. First Katrina the hurricane rips through devastating the GULF COAST. Now the second wave is hitting destroying the livelihood of millions and only 20 billion has been pledged. They have spent 2.2 billion already doing a bang up job. What have they accomplished?


We propose taking this product and bringing the money to the families and businesses most harmed by both hurricanes and man made disaster. We will post who got what and when and where. I am sure Mr. Holland would applaud going to where the disaster hits the shores and finding people like you and me and giving them the money "IN THEIR HANDS". For a donation on the website

We find a man and his family or business and adopt them until I hear the words,

"we are OK now".

Then you get a poster and a full report on who we helped and how we helped them right from the GULF COAST.


The same guys who ran the Katrina aid help are now running this new disaster relief. So who are they helping? Let me know when you find out.....


I want to help now.


Support this poster and tell every living soul ; we can help a lot of just regular people who are going to be ignored by all the corporations involved and by all the governments involved both here and abroad. In this life you can get something done by giving; then telling 2 others and then they tell even more others....


Mr. Holland's Opus is a worthy cause because they help others. We will support them as well with Opera History and Musical History Maps..


Be the change you wish to see in the world right now and the world will be better with your help.



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Patrick Olsen's Fundraising Page