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Patti Ostrander's Fundraising Page

How fortunate I am to have friends like you!  THANK YOU for the online donations listed, and,  for the off-line checks mailed  and cash given to me from my friends below:

$25 - Lee Family - a show of love in so many different ways, and I know that.  Thanks and I love you.

$50 - The Charlebois - the kind of neighbors everyone wants.  Thanks!

$10 - Rosie at IVHS - your kind spirit is such a pleasure to be around, always.

$20 - Joan at IVHS - a one woman human resource, and thanks for the birthday lunch!

$500 -  Sandy & Walt Schaefer"Holy dog-slobber, Batman!!!  These people have lost their minds, and I couldn't be happier !"     Shazam!   Kaboom!   Pow!    Bang!  Yikes!   For the third time in my life, I'm speechless !  My love to you both, and to your St. Bernard MAX, and your St. Bernard PENNY, and your 24 year-old cat MAX, and your 5 birds, and the other one in the cage who has a giant bulge growing out of it's stomach for 4 years, and to the animals I've met who have crossed over,  your St. Bernard RUBY , and the sweet little bird that Max the Cat murdered (he tried to say he hadn't done it, but had too many feathers in his mouth ...).  See you for MULE DAYS  - - - and fly-fishing on the Bitterroot!

$2.15 - B. at IVHS - You emptied your pocket for my goal.  Thanks!!

$50 - Bill.  (You bumped me past the HALFWAY POINT!  Thank you, thank you !!)

$50 - Deno Borghi - every animal's best friend.

$35 - Pat and Lynn Sampson - "Glad to help!"

$25 - Aunt Caroline & Uncle Les - "Sounds like rewarding work."

$25 - Aunt Dorothy & Uncle Fred - "We love you, Kid!"

$75 - Lynn Magnandonovan - "I hope my contribution helps in a small way."

$250 - Marc Lerner - "I support your efforts on behalf of IVHS, and try not to hurt yourself."

$25 - Patti B -  "I hope this will help the Cause."

$200 - Paul & Debbie - "We hope you win!"

$50 - Joe & Judy - "Good luck in your quest!"

$50 - Bruce Krieger - "Hope this helps in your farewell to the Shelter."

$50 - Benny & Lia - "Good luck to you."

$20 - Howard - "Happy to help."

I am honored, and so grateful for your generosity.  Love, Patti O


This page is no longer accepting donations