Running the 118th Boston Marathon in '14


Boston Marathon 2014

Boston, Massachusetts

Running the 118th Boston Marathon in '14

Boston Marathon postscript (4/22/14)

When I looked at my salt-stained Sox cap this morning, it's easy to see that I was very dehydrated yesterday (and I felt the sluggishness for much of the race - I don't 'do heat' very well! This partially explains my slower than usual finsh at 4:45. Unfortunately, I ditched my running belt en route and forgot to grab the salt/electrolyte pills that usually help me in the heat! Lesson learned - Marathon #18 and I'm still learning as I go!) I’m much less depleted this a.m. and grateful for this opportunity to participate in such an amazing, local event. One of these years, I hope to actually run much faster and actually "qualify" for the Marathon, but in the interim, I've been able to participate as a charity runner and we've done great things for Pine Street Inn, Greater Boston Food Bank, and the Natick Service Council over the past 9 years.

Unfortunately, the number of homeless, jobless and hungry requiring local support is increasing because Federal and State level support has been decreasing. NSC provides counseling and offers support to those in short-term crisis (e.g. from job loss or health issue) and those among us with longer term needs of counseling and support. Its mission is to find solutions that will help clients sustain self-sufficiency. I love, and try to live, its motto of "neighbors helping neighbors" and appreciate all of your kind support, both moral and financial, that motivates me to do these runs each year. THANK YOU.


Happy 2014, Everyone!

While the 2013 Boston Marathon experience was both tragic and inspiring, all I can say about 2014 is WOW! This is going to be a special event!

I am grateful to the Boston Athletic Association for allowing us 2013 "near-but-not-quite-finishers" to once run the race we all love so much.

This year, I am happy to be running as one of the newest members of the Natick Service Council's Board of Directors. When I left my role on the Natick Board of Selectmen in 2013, I was eager to contribute some of my volunteer time and energy towards organizations and programs that would have a real impact on the lives of people most in need.

For more than 8 years, I've been running to raise funds and awareness for those who are hungry, homeless, or otherwise in need of critical services that will enable them to survive in our increasingly fragmented economy; and, times are getting tougher in 2014 with reductions in State and Federal funding for vital services.

Embracing the "think globally, act locally" mantra, I have joined an organization comprised of some of the most compassionate, dedicated, and truly effective professionals and volunteers I've ever worked with.

I am honored to run Marathon #18 (and my 9th consecutive Boston Marathon!) for the benefit of the Natick Service Council (NSC). The NSC has truly become a critical resource for our community and a model for similar organizations of its type in the region.

THANK YOU to my many supporters and donors throughout the past several years. If you are inclined to donate again this year (and spread the word to others who might be interested in doing the same) I would appreciate your generous support on behalf of the NSC.

Until May 31st, you can make a secure, online donation to the Natick Service Council directly on this site, or you can mail a personal check, made out to "The Natick Service Council" to me directly. Please add "Paul Joseph 2014 Boston Marathon" in the NOTE of your check. You can mail your check to:

Paul Joseph
66 School Street Extension
Natick, MA 01760

Thank you!

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