David Hewlett Wedding Gift Fundraiser


David Hewlett Wedding Gift Fundraiser

Celebrating the wedding of David Hewlett and Jane Loughman

David Hewlett Wedding Gift Fundraiser

Welcome to the fundraising website in honor of Stargate Atlantis actor David Hewlett and Jane Loughman's upcoming wedding! 

David has always made it his request that donations be made to Doctors Without Borders, rather than getting him a gift.  So what better gift to get for the happy couple than to help this organization "do good works?"

No amount is too small to make a difference.  And no one will be shown what you donate.  This fundraising effort was started by a group of fans from various parts of the internet who wanted to show David and Jane our appreciation for all that they do.

All donations that you enter are in US dollars!  If you need to figure out how much a dollar will cost you in your own currency, here is a web page showing the most current exchange rates:


If you'd like to leave your good wishes for the wedding, we have another website where we're going to collect messages to be printed out to present to them:


(You don't have to give to leave a message, but any small amount is useful to this organization!)

Don't have a credit card?  You can send a check made payable to Doctors Without Borders in your own currency to:

Charlie Kunzer
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières
333 Seventh Avenue — 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001-5004

Please write "David Hewlett Wedding" on the check so she knows to credit it to this fundraiser.  She will then mail your check to the Doctors Without Borders office in your country.  (So it could take several weeks before it's cashed.)

Can't decide how much to give?  There is information on what can be purchased (in US dollars) with your donation here:


Do you have any other questions?  Please e-mail Paula at gaprose@bellsouth.net.

Just to be clear, this is in no way affiliated with David Hewlett, Jane Loughman, Kibble Productions, Inc., Doctors Without Borders, MGM, Stargate, or whatever legal entity you care to name.  This is being done as a gesture of thanks to a guy who has brought us a lot of laughs.  Also, please note that this website processes the funds directly to the charity so none of us fans are handling any money.  So please give of yourself and donate!

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David Hewlett Wedding Gift Fundraiser
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