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2012 Make-A-Wish Big Lake Half Marathon

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Hi There! Thank you so much for taking a minute to visit my 2012 fundraising page for the Big Lake Make-A-Wish Half Marathon. I'm very excited about participating in this event fo the second year in a row. Last year, when I crossed the finish line, the first thing I did was cry and the second thing I did was say "I'll be back next year!" I didn't cry because I was in pain, I cried because I had the privilege of meeting some of the Make-A-Wish recipients.When you listen to their story and see the sparkle in their eye when they tell you about their trip to Disney or they give you a hug and say "Thank you", there honestly is no greater feeling. These kids are suffering everyday with illness and I felt like 13.1 miles is a walk in the park compared to what they go through.

I was so overwhelmed with the donations I received last year and I hope to match it this year. I know times are tough for all of us and the rising gas prices aren't helping any, but any amount you can give WILL make a difference in the life of a child. Together, we can Make-A-Wish come true. Please join me on this incredible journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart....and the hearts of so many ill children! Peace & Love to all.

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Peggy Donovan's Page
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