Penny Palfrey's Fundraising Page


Penny Palfrey's Fundraising Page

Penny Palfrey's Fundraising Page

In June 2012, World Champion Marathon Swimmer, Penny Palfrey, will attempt a feat of epic proportions. She plans to swim from Havana, Cuba, to Florida, USA a distance of 103 Miles or 166 kilometres.

If successful, Penny will break her own world record for the longest unassisted open water ocean swim (without the use of shark cages or swimming aids such as wetsuits or fins).

The stretch of water between Cuba and Florida is known as the Florida Straits. For most avid swimmers, conquering the Florida Straits is incomprehensible. The likelihood of spending the better part of three days AND nights in the ocean with sharks, jellyfish, the relentless tropical sun and the gulf stream currents make this swim no more than an impossibility for even seasoned marathon swimmers.

However Penny is one of the worlds most experienced marathon swimmers; Penny’s mature, powerful, strong in mind and body, she lives and trains in the tropics of North Queensland, Australia.

Penny is more than a swimmer; she’s also a mother and grandmother, she knows and understands the importance of bringing sustainable safe drinking water to communities around the world. 

With safe drinking water, children can go to school instead of lugging water all day; women are freed from menial labor and able to build a new future, many people are freed from waterborne diseases and able to improve their lives and those of their community.

A message from Penny;

“I have a deep love for water; it’s where I feel ‘at home’. It’s my desire to share that love of water with others and help Blue Planet Network bring sustainable safe drinking water to the many communities around the world who need it so badly”.

You can help me to help others; I will be swimming to raise money and awareness for the Blue Planet Network. Just $30 can bring sustainable drinking water to a person for most of a lifetime.

By donating you will help me ‘dig deep’ and push on through the toughest of times throughout my swim, knowing that your help, coupled with that of my wonderful support team will be for the greater good of others.

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Water is life. Pass it on.

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