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Pinckney Polar Plunge 2011

Pinckney, Michigan

PJ Sapienza's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my 2011 polar plunge fundraising page!

It is once again time for the yearly polar plunge.  For my friends in warmer climates, a polar plunge is where we go out onto a frozen lake in the middle of winter, cut a hole in the ice and jump in.  Now why would we do such a crazy thing, well for Special Olympics of course.  Special Olympics is an amazing group that I am very proud to be apart of.  We serve over 400 athletes in Livingston County and more than 17,000 across the state of Michigan.  Locally, we offer 15 different sports throughout the year. 

I am often asked what this year's outfit will be.  In the past I have plunged in a wedding dress, as a belly dancer, hooters waitress, cheerleader and of course the pink tutu.  This year I have taken part in a special pageant in which it appears I have down very well at .

I greatly appreciate all of your help and donations.  The jump is at 1:30pm on February 27th at Zukey Lake Tavern in Pinckney.  Feel free to come out and watch the fun or even join in if you dare.

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