Ever wish I would go jump in a near freezing body of water?


11th Annual Chicago Polar Plunge benefiting Special Olympics Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Ever wish I would go jump in a near freezing body of water?

On March 6th, your very own relative / friend / co-worker / former classmate / general internet acquaintance will be jumping into Lake Michigan to support Special Olympics Chicago.

I'd encourage you to help in whatever way you can, either by

1) Donating to the cause. If you have a credit card and an internet connection, it's as easy as clicking a few buttons (I think there is a big green one up at the top). If you don't, then you need to requalify for the 21st century.

Or more preferably.

2) Jump in with me! You can set up a donation page just like this one and guilt your own friends / relatives / coworkers / random internet acquaintances into donating. After all, misery loves company and Lake Michigan in March contains more misery than Zebra Mussels and Round Gobies combined.

But Patrick, the water in Lake Michigan is cold in March!

I know. In fact, when I jumped in two years ago, it was 33 degrees. It felt like I was freezing to death, mostly because I was. But ice cold water can be defeated by a hot shower. The shame of not jumping needs bleach and a power washer. I survived, you (most likely) will too. And if you don't, at least you'll make the news.

Sorry, Patrick, your weak attempts to inspire guilt have no effect on me. I value a few minutes of my own warmth more than the health and happiness of the intellectually disabled - OR - I would love to jump in but can't make it to Chicago that day. Can I still help?

If you can't make it to Chicago, or are understandably reluctant to jump in, I would still appreciate if you could support my plunging efforts by donating to the Special Olympics through this page. I'm not volunteering for hypothermia for my health. 

All kidding aside, the Special Olympics is a great charity and one very near and dear to my heart. My younger (and awesomer) brother Peter was born with Down Syndrome and he's enjoyed countless Special Olympics events over the years. Hopefully, he can come and jump in with me this year. Besides, if I raise over $500, my wife Jennifer will jump in too.

Thanks for reading and I'd encourage you to support in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

This page is no longer accepting donations