Donate Now to the Power of One


Donate Now to the Power of One

Donate Now to the Power of One

How much power does one person have? The power to make one into millions. Would you give one dollar to support the cure-focused work of the Diabetes Research Institute? We have one mission...a cure for everyone living with type one and all types of Diabetes!

My name is Jonathan Berman. I'm an advocate for Type 1 Diabetes which is an auto-immune disease. I was diagnosed with T1D ten years ago, when I was seven.  This year I am celebrating my 10th year of living well with T1D!  I became inspired to create this fundraiser and my own website, by reading about President Roosevelt in the 1940's, and how one of the Presidents friends asked the world to donate a dime for research for Polio and send it to the White House. Everyone donated a dime! The White House was flooded with dimes. So many dimes, that it led to The March of Dimes and a Cure for Polio! It inspired me to create The Power of One and to ask everyone to donate $1. So far I've raised over $10,,000 from $1 donations, shirt sales and generous contributions. Every dollar counts and goes directly to diabetes research for a cure. Most everybody in the world is touched by a family member or friend or co-worker with one of the many different types of Diabetes. A cure is needed and keeps getting closer with continued fundraising.

Many people have joined my fundraising project called the Power of One...One Person, One Dollar, One Step Closer to a Cure. I just began asking everyone I knew (and meet) to donate $1. That's it. It may sound simple, and you might think that $1 might not make a difference. BUT, the truth is, if EVERY PERSON gave just $1, we'd be very close to funding a cure! Thank you!!!!!

Do you want to be part of the Power of One?  ANYone and EVERYone can participate in being part of the cure! Donate just $1 and ask your friends, family, neighbors, etc. to donate $1 and be a part of the Power of One.  If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a Power of One Ambassador, please email us at

To see #powerofone in action, you can visit the website here:

*To make an online donation, please click the "Donate" button and select "other" to type in the amount of $1.00*  To mail in a donation please mail to The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation c/o The Power Of One at 200 S. Park Rd. Suite 100. Hollywood, Florida 33021.  THANK YOU!