Planned Parenthood of Montana - Pledge-a-Picketer Campaign

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Planned Parenthood of Montana - Pledge-a-Picketer Campaign

Planned Parenthood of Montana - Pledge-a-Picketer Campaign

Support Planned Parenthood of Montana by Pledging-a-Picketer

Each year, Planned Parenthood of Montana’s health centers in Billings, Great Falls Helena, and Missoula are visited by picketers. This happens each Wednesday at the two Billings health centers and currently in Great Falls, an anti-choice group is organizing daily protests through April 6, 2012 as part of their 40 Days for Life campaign.

While many picketers are peaceful, some are known to use verbal harassment, misinformation, graphically misleading photographs and other scare tactics. Vocal or silent, the presence of protesters can be intimidating to patients, staff and volunteers who wish to enter the health center. Their presence can be especially daunting to women seeking abortion care as they are already in midst of a deeply personal and often stressful situation.

You can help turn this negative energy into a positive endorsement for PPMT by making a donation during this spring’s Pledge-a-Picketer campaign. By supporting this campaign, you are showing your commitment to choice, reproductive health care, and medically accurate sexuality education.

PPMT has been building healthy communities since 1969. 95% of our work is preventative including life-saving breast exams, birth control, prevention and treatment of STDs, sexual health education, testicular exams, and more. PPMT works hard each day to prevent unintended pregnancies, thus reducing the need for abortions!

We will not be daunted by the presence of picketers because we are Planned Parenthood – an organization that is committed to its mission. Please show your support and stand with PPMT by Pledging-a-Picketer today.

To donate by mail, you can send a check or your credit card number to the address found below. Please make sure to indicate that this is for the Pledge-a-Picketer campaign.

Planned Parenthood of Montana
Attn: Pledge-a-Picketer campaign
219 E Main Street
Missoula, MT 59802

If you have questions or if you need additional information, visit or contact Development Director Michele DeGroat, 406-869-5010.



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