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This is a landing page for end-of-year 2011 fundraising for We're raising money in support of Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières).

We had great success last year, raising more than $50,000 and we hope to build on that tally to create an even more impressive total of "Good Without God(s)" donations from the r/atheism community and other affiliated or competing charities. We hope that the holiday season 2011 will result in the r/atheism community putting our morals where our mouths are and making a significant impact in the developing world.

NOTICE WEEK OF DECEMBER 19:  On Wednesday, December 21, FirstGiving will institute changes in how it tallies its donations so as to exclude donated operating costs.  All money earmarked for operating costs will still go toward operation, but they will not display on the tally.  The reason being that our tally is artificially high due to people paying the overhead costs at a disproportionatelly high clip, meaning that our effective costs of donating through FirstGiving have been 3.25% rather than 7.7%.  We can maintain that low donation costs if people continue to donate with inclusions of the overhead at the same clip.  PLEASE DO SO!  Regardless, right now, as a community, by paying the overhead this vendor has become as cost-effective if not cost-positive than Doctors Without Borders processing the donations themselves.  But the immediate impact will be roughly $7000 deducted from our community's total.  That was money already earmarked for overhead, nothing is affected but the display, and bear in mind that we're an outlier of a large community for FirstGiving, so in most instances it resulted in something like $44 being subtracted from the total.  We can definitely address this matter comprehensively in a reddit thread, but the organizing community knows what's up and should be able to fill in people's questions when the changeover of December 21st happens.  (Bear in mind that the total subtracted is also roughly equal to our international donations, so we are still several grand over $200K total.)  Thanks!  - Denny

NOTE1: Nine days in to the 2011 campaign and we've raised $22,000, a great start to the drive!

NOTE2: After an incredibly successful weekend of December 2-4, we've already hit $50,000 for the year, over $100,000 total. A big donation from Notch put us over the bar.

NOTE3: We've hit $150K Monday morning thanks in part to a big block donation from zestyping, who pledged $10 for every new donor for 24 hours. We got over 1000 new donors during that time.

NOTE4: For a comprehensive rundown of our first calendar year of fundraising, follow this link:

Donating through this site is simple, fast and secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts. Many thanks for your support-- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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International Donations:
For those in the U.K. who want to take advantage of the GiftAid programme:

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Thank you, from the organizing committee over at r/atheism. We hope you'll weigh in on the discussion threads there to make your voice heard.

Every contribution makes a difference, as evident by the thank you letter we received following 2010's drive and in advance of 2011:

Dear Reddit,

On behalf of Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), I want to thank you for your support! We love the Reddit community, and we are excited to learn that you will raise funds for our work again this holiday season. Last year, you raised $50,000 for Doctors Without Borders, and we put your funds to work in Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Niger, Pakistan, Somalia and 56 other countries.

In 2011, thanks to your help, Doctors Without Borders conducted 7,334,066 outpatient consultations, performed 58,326 surgeries, delivered 151,197 babies, vaccinated 1,339,873 children against meningitis, and the list goes on…

Doctors Without Borders exists for one purpose - to provide first-rate medical care to people who need it, with no regard for race, religion or political affiliation. We have no agenda, and the fact that we receive 98% of our funds from millions of individual donors around the world is very often the only thing that allows us access to people trapped in conflict areas where other organizations are unable to work.

So thank you, Reddit, for extending your community to include the people we serve. I’ll leave you with some words from Alex Nash, a Doctors Without Borders water and sanitation Engineer:

"On Christmas Day there was an outbreak in a nearby town; they called us that evening during our dinner and asked MSF for help. A quick town meeting later and we had a bunch of hardy volunteers who helped us build a treatment center in two days, complete with 20 beds, buckets, chlorine for disinfecting people, and training for the local nurses. Afterwards the townspeople wrote us a letter. They said: “Thank you for not leaving us to our lot.” That message was for you: people who believe that, with all humanity’s wealth, technology and industry, no-one’s “lot” should be a quiet death in a pool of vomit on a mud floor in the jungle, because they can’t afford $1 worth of medication. Thanks for being on the team."

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