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Rim to Rim 2017

Phoenix, Arizona

Matt & Rachael Gilbert's Page

Hi, friends!

We are so excited to share our next Gilbert adventure with you...a hike from rim to rim across the Grand Canyon!  This isn't just any hike, it is with Revelation Wellness and 100% of the money raised during our training will go to their non-profit ministry. 

We will use this page to post videos and updates along with our training adventures. We would love for you to pray about making a tax-deductible financial donation, a physical donation of something we can raffle and PRAY for us!  

Please read on for a little more information about Revelation Wellness and the Rim to Him journey:

Rim to Rim, also known as Rim to "Him", is a one-day endurance hike across the Grand Canyon.

Getting to the other side of the Grand Canyon in one day is not only going to take everything a person has but require something greater than themselves. That’s why we are asking you to “walk” with us. Please, take the step of supporting Revelation Wellness.

Revelation Wellness is a non-profit ministry dedicated to inspiring people to live healthy and whole lives. Funds raised through this hike will go towards our Revelation Wellness Ambassadors program. Our Ambassadors are fitness/wellness professionals who use the tool of fitness to offer hope to people who would otherwise consider themselves hopeless or unworthy when it comes to living well in body, heart, mind and soul.

Our goal is to raise up enough money to train and equip at least 20 Revelation Wellness Ambassador Instructors who will carry the message of faith, hope, and love, through fitness, in the United States and abroad.

Because Revelation Wellness believes in helping people get healthy and whole, so they may love others well, we also will be practicing 'loving others' by giving a portions of our funds raised through Rim to Rim to HopeFest Phoenix. HopeFest is a one day, city wide outreach to over 15,000 of Phoenix's homeless and working poor.

When you donate to support Rim to Him, you not only empower Revelation Wellness to ready and equip more wellness professionals who are being sent out, but you will also be helping to bless Phoenix's homeless and working poor.

Please help us reach our financial goal. All donations are tax deductible.


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