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MS Run the US - 2015 Relay

Los Angeles, California

Rachel Aldrich's Page

What:  The MS Run the US - 2015 Relay is a 3,000 - mile relay across America to raise awareness and funds to help CURE Multiple Sclerosis (MS)!  The Relay begins in April  2015 in Los Angeles, CA and is completed in August  2015 in New York, NY.

Sixteen (16) runners have been selected to run on average 170-miles over six consecutive days during their individually assigned segment.  Each runner dedicates a week of running on the road with the Relay, while collectively the Relay spans a distance and duration of 3,000-miles in 4 months.

Bio Overview: I am a high school math teacher and cross country coach near Cleveland, Ohio. I am joining the MS Run the US team for the second time--I ran across Ohio in 2013 as part of this team, and my life was changed! You can watch that story here: Rachel's 2013 Run Video

Location: Fairview Park, Ohio

Segment: #12 West Des Moines, IA to Davenport, IA

I am honored and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family again, and I know that our efforts will raise awareness and the funds needed to one day cure MS.

When I stumbled across msruntheus.com back in 2012, I knew instantly that I somehow needed to be a part of this amazing team of runners. I have always run for myself: to think, to breathe, to smile. I realized that while running keeps me balanced, it did nothing to serve others—until now. I run to inspire and to be inspired. My run across Ohio in 2013 changed my life forever. As other Relay team members might tell you, there is no way to put into words how I was changed on my 10 day run. There is no way to describe the joy, the struggle, or the power of knowing that we were out there--using only our two feet and our hearts--to make a statement that we want to end MS.

Running is the super power I am going to use to make a difference. It is how I am going to show others that those affected by MS are fighters, and will do whatever it takes to find a cure. I want to inspire others to reach beyond themselves and work for a cause that is greater than they are. Each step I take will be for my mom, who was diagnosed with MS almost 12 years ago, and who inspires me with every chance I take in life. I’m excited to help bring awareness to MS and raise money to expand its research.

Join me as I run and sweat and love my way to finding a cure!





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