Rachel Barker's Boston Marathon Fundraising page


Rachel Barker's Boston Marathon Fundraising page

Rachel Barker's Boston Marathon Fundraising page

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my donation page.

I’d like to share a bit about myself and my love of all things Boston Marathon.

I grew up just outside of Boston, and when I was 18 moved to Kenmore Square, just a few miles from the Boston Marathon finish line. Patriots Day rolled around and as I watched the runners, I was hooked. I moved a lot during the next 10 years, to Washington Square, to Newton, to Cleveland Circle, and each place I lived was along the marathon route. Marathon Monday quickly became my favorite holiday. I’d get up early, intently watch the runners on TV, invest in their backstories, then run downstairs to see them in person as they came close to my apartment. My friends who join me each year know this is my tradition. And every year I'd turn to them and say, “I have to run this race!”


The events of 2013 pushed me to become more serious about my running, in the hopes that I’d be able to run the Boston Marathon. The freedom of running this particular race became even more important to me. 


Two years ago, my colleague ran on behalf of the Newton 9-11 Memorial Committee. I cheered her on from Washington Square, with even more resolve. 


This year I’m proud to be running on behalf of the Newton 9-11 Committee. They work to connect with the Newton community and remember the lives lost and help given during 9/11. They recently commemorated the Newton 9/11 Memorial. The memorial itself is positive, approachable, and personal, in the park by the firehouse in Newton Centre. It has the names of those, from Newton, who were lost in 9/11, as well as a piece of one of the Twin Towers. The memorial is still growing and needs funding to stay so beautifully maintained. 


I, and the Newton 9-11 Committee, would be very grateful for your support. Please donate by clicking the big green “Donate” button above. 


Thank you,




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