Rachel Beals & Clint Fiala's Fundraising Page


Rachel Beals & Clint Fiala's Fundraising Page

Rachel Beals & Clint Fiala's Fundraising Page

Hello and thank you for visiting our fundraising page!

Clint and I have created this page to invite you to join us in caring for the children of Viet Nam. Over the next two months we have the daunting - but very possible! - task of raising $3,500 to help fund a humanitarian journey to Viet Nam. Here is our story and how you can help...great love and gratitude for even the smallest donation!

Last year I had the immense honor of traveling to Viet Nam with Edward Tick and Kate Dahlstedt of Soldier's Heart and a group of American veterans and their family members. The trip was one of forgiveness and reconciliation aimed at healing the traumatizing effects of the Vietnam War that both our veterans and the Vietnamese people continue to experience to this day. During our journey we traveled the entire country south to north visiting schools, orphanages, remote villages, and communities for landmine and agent orange survivors. Many do not realize that despite decades passed there are still active landmines and children being born with agent orange disabilities in Viet Nam. In addition, UNICEF statistics estimate there are 1,500,000 orphans aged 0–17 currently living in Viet Nam.

As the family member if an Iraq veteran I know very personally the pain of war and the need to create healing on multiple levels. Directly experiencing the needs of the Vietnamese people has given me a way to support the recovery of their country in a way that we as citizens are not yet able to do for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. So upon returning from our journey last year I began discussions with Tina Allen, founder of the Liddle Kidz Foundation, to bring a group of professional massage therapists to the children of Viet Nam. The journey has been scheduled and in December a group of over 20 massage therapists will travel for two weeks providing and teaching infant and pediatric massage to distressed children and their caregivers throughout Viet Nam.    

Over the past few weeks, Tina has urged Clint and I to join the journey. Myself as one of the volunteer massage therapists and Clint as a video and photo documentarian. Raising the money over the next two months is a potential challenge, but we are honored to accept this invitation and play a direct roll in bringing healing touch to these children. Over the course of the two weeks we will visit and offer massage to up to 1,000 Vietnamese children. Our time with them will also include teaching infant and pediatric massage to their caregivers so that the benefits of healing touch will be sustainable. Nurturing touch is one of the most powerful ways to increase the resiliency of children in distress and yet the world's most vulnerable children often lack this form of care.

We invite you to join us in supporting the children of Viet Nam and playing a direct role in healing the devastating effects of war. Donating through the First Giving website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts.

** Please remember to register your donation with your employer's matching gift program if they have one. Liddle Kidz Foundation is a registered 501c3. And please forward this to anyone who you think might also want to donate!


If you would like to learn more about the mission of Liddle Kidz Foundation and their Global Outreach efforts visit http://www.liddlekidz.org/.

We look forward to sharing the beautiful faces and stories of the Vietnamese children with you upon our return!

Much love & gratitude,

Clint & Rachel


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Rachel Beals & Clint Fiala's Fundraising Page
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