Henry Jones

Autism Society of Nebraska

Autism Puzzle Walk & 5K Run

Omaha, Nebraska

Henry Jones


This is Henry's second year walking for The Autism Society of Nebraska!  

Last year we could not believe all of the support from friend's and family, even in tough economic times.  Impressive folks.  

This year, Henry continues to take piano lessons, and has recently taken up equine therapy, with a horse named Pete who he adores.    He graduated to ABA every other week, and is making progress. He attempted so many new things this year, his first piano recital, his first very long plane trip, his first year being able to use a computer to write in class which changed his attitude about writing.   Some days are still tough, and he is really learning how to be a more flexible thinker, and enjoy a more positive outlook.  He enjoys mentoring other children with special needs when he can, and is looking forward to camp this summer so he can help others.  

Things are still too loud, and can be overwhelming, and I can still tell when he is excited by his  smile, and of course the flapping!



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