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Allen Smith's Page

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For many years Allen
Smith of Rainbow Didge Music has provided
community music events and spiritual education groups
through social networks such as and FaceBook.
If you've enjoyed his contributions, perhaps it can be time for you to "pay it forward"
and donate to a project that is dear to his heart.  Integrative Touch For Kids
Allen  has been involved with Integrative Touch For Kids since 2008.



Integrative Touch For Kids presents a new model of health and wellness to Tucson that empowers children through a whole-system, whole-family approach and integrates them more fully into their families and their communities. Integrative Touch for Kids recognizes when a child has special needs, a family has special needs. They care for the whole family by providing healing retreats, therapeutic services and on-going education in integrative medical therapies that can be implemented in the day-to-day lives of families.

Integrative Touch for Kids is committed to creating a state of the art Healing Retreat Center that will offer the best available healing therapies from around the world in a safe and nurturing environment where children with special health needs and their families can come to rest, rejuvenate and heal.


Shay Beider, founder and Executive Director of Integrative Touch for Kids, was giving a presentation in 2008 and asking for volunteers to serve on a "Pilot Planning Commitee" to help design and form foundation for ITK's very first healing retreat.    I found myself curiously drawn to attend this meeting and when I witnessed Shay's pure heart, integrity and driven nature to serve, I was instantly hooked.  I was compelled to step out of my comfort zone and do something I had never done before in an area I felt I had no helpful knowledge.  I took a leap of faith and volunteered.

Though I felt like a fish out of water at times,  in the midst of others with medical expertise, I found that I was well accepted and appreciated.  My strongest gifts as input were of a spiritual nature.  We had many amazing talks as we searched to come up with core values and guiding principles.  I remember very deep reflections where we asked, "What is the definition of healing?"  Those planning commitee talks could become quite esoteric at times but we then searched to make it stream linded and practical.  Looking back, it's been one of the best and most rewarding things I've ever done.

Now, I volunteer each retreat to perform music/vibration healing for the children and families.  My focal sonic modality uses the vibrational power of the Digeridoo; the ancient wind instrument from the aboriginals of Australia.  It is an instrument well known for it's ability to affect change in body relaxation and brain wave states.  I also use Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, percussion, Native American Flutes and electronics to create relaxing "Portals to Presence" for the children and families.

I rely on my own wisdom and intent as a co-creative prayer to be the foundation behind my outward actions as a sound healer.  I am a reality shape shifter; both dream and dreamer of actualized experience.  I have been divinely inspired, gifted and driven to learn many secrets about human potential and consciousness and one of them is that we literally "create" and shape each other constantly.  So the saying "Be the change you seek in the world" can be, if fully incorporated into a state of knowing, where the "real" healing takes place and not projected onto the person whom is presumed to need healing.  The most powerful changes take place within ourselves.  All outer reality is mere reflection of our inner state of ONENESS.  Very few people know this about our reality.  Yet it's always been that way.  Only now are more leading edge healers becoming consciously aware of this fundamental truth that will bring a great shift.   Healing modalities, as we currently know them, will take quantum leaps into nearly unimagineable realms.  And we will see that reality is much more fluid and changeable than we could have possibly imagined.  And we will know that universal intelligence, as the orgainizing principle behind all creation, is infinetly supportive of anything we choose to create.  That is the nature of unconditional love;  the source of all.  I look forward to exploring this with ITK in times to come.


1)  One of my most prevalent spiritual gifts is that of dreaming.  Through my life, I've had every type of dreaming I've ever heard of and then some.  Many of them have been predictive in nature and I've gotten used to those dreams occuring about 2 days before the "awake" event they predict  ...... or.... dare I say create.  As usual, about 2 days before our very first ITK retreat, I had a rather strange "audio" only dream with no visuals.  I heard young children crying and whining from their pain, discomfort and unhappiness.  I heard the quality of their voices as I tuned into a few of them and one of them in particular stood out amongst the rest.  And that was it and I awoke.  But the sound of their voices was etched into my memory.

The very first day of the retreat was quite busy as families arrived from their travels to the retreat center.  Some of the children were obviously stressed from the day and I was already tuning into a couple of the voices or cries I had heard in the dream.  I recognized their sound.  Then came a young girl in a wheel chair and as I heard her whimpers and crying, it deeply struck me that it was her sound I had most tuned into during the dream.  I was instantly filled with a sense of awe about the synchronicity of events.  By my recall, she had never been successfully diagnosed.  Her issue looked somewhat like cerebral paulsy to me and she neither ever spoke nor could walk.

Through the week, roughly 50 alternative practitioners worked with the children and families.  Lots of relaxation and healing was going on.  I did sound healing for children in groups.  It wasn't like you could see instant manifestation of miracles but I knew the children were relaxing and enjoying the play.  I recall working with the little girl in the wheel chair and playing didge and crystal bowls around her.....ever so gently and carefully.  I did not want to scare them with "strange" sounds.  At times, the children seemed spell bound.  Other times, they wanted to play the instruments themselves.

Finally, the last day arrived and it was time for families to depart.  We had our last meals together and lots of pictures were being taken to remember new friendships and connections.  It was indeed a powerful week and there was a lot of emotion in saying goodbye for everyone.  Toward the end of the day, the beautiful little girl in her wheel chair and mother were there.  Everyone wanted to have their picture taken with her.  One by one, we bent down next to her for a photo.  She was now much happier and smiled quite readily as all the children did.  I bent down next to her, gently putting one arm around the back of her and smiled for the camera and thus, the picture you see above resulted.  Right after that, she turned to me and said one word, "Hi."  I was floored for I had not heard her say anything.  I was delighted to my soul and could hardly keep from crying in joy.  Actually, I did cry ..... but not too obviously.  But the little girls mother suddenly rushed away in surprise and appeared to be crying.  Shortly after, I found the mom and asked her if she was OK and what was going on.  I hope my memory serves me correctly, but I recall she told me that her little girl had never spoke before and that "Hi" was her very first word.  If I was not overly moved before, I certainly was moved by this point.  I hid myself away for a bit and let the tears come.  For I was feeling the sacred connection that first manifested in the dream between the little girl and I; as if we had made some sort of agreement to be there for each other in some manner.  To witness, in truth, both of our healings.  Her's AND mine.  I'll never forget that experience.  Two years later, I heard the little girl had continued to make some vast improvements.

2)  In the 2011 ITK retreat, I met a young special needs boy that was a handful of energy.  Outwardly he looked like any normal kid his age.  My experience as I did sound work with him both one on one and in group was rather uneventful except for my own inner clarity of purpose and belief, or rather knowing, that what I was sharing with him made a real difference on some level.  As I worked with him, I could see him shift from hyper energy to relaxed and then fully asleep.  And that was a good thing.  Normally, as a musician, I'd be concerned about my music if all I did was put people to sleep.  lol.  But here, that was a very good result.  The inner bond I felt with him no one else would ever know about.  Months later, I created a group healing prayer for him and recorded a special meditation in his honor.  His presence inspired me to "own" more of my purpose and to further trust those abilities.

3)  Also during the 2011 ITK retreat, I recognized a general theme with all the children and the family members too.  I saw that the sound healing sessions I provided were deeply relaxing to them time after time.  It may not seem like a big deal at first, but relaxation is becoming recognized as a major component of health.  Stress is the leading cause of illness.  Once, a volunteer brought in a young child that was not scheduled for a sound session with me but she wondered if I could play music for him anyway to see if he would settle down and rest.  She was so stressed with him that she was crying a bit too and needed a break.  So I played for them.  Within 10 minutes he was fast asleep.  She had spent hours with him and had not been able to settle his mood.  She was deeply grateful.  So was I.

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