Ramin Yazdani's Fundraising Page


Ramin Yazdani's Fundraising Page

Ramin Yazdani's Fundraising Page

Dear Friends and Family,

First I want to thank you for the support that you have given me during the past year for the 2007 Hope Walk. Your contribution made a big difference in the lifes of many childern.

Last year we raised money to build the Mother Treasa school in India, which is now near completion. Please check out our website for photos of the construction project (www.sahaya.org).  This year we are trying to raise money to construct the Jawahar Matriculation school of Andimadam in India which is in great need. 

As part of this fund raising we will be climbing Mt. Shasta and would like your sponsorship. Please visit this web site to get additional information about the school


We would do anything to help these kids so we have decide to reach high to the top of Mt. Shasta which (14,179 feet or 4,322 meters). This is a very special place. Several years ago I attempted to reach to the summit but elevation sickness and bad weather got to me at 10,000 feet. This year I have decided to set a goal with a different intention. If I reach the summit then my friends and family can help build a school for these kids. It does not matter how much money you contribute but  that you CARE.  All the money that you give will go towards the construction of this school and not in anyone’s pocket.

If you don't want to donnate on-line you can send a check to "SAHAYA INTERNATIONAL" to me directly. Please mail your check to: 1800 Birch Lane  Davis, CA 95618.

 GOOD NEWS: A contributor has decided to match your sponsorship 1:1 if I reach the top of Mt. Shasta. This means that if you donate $20, you will actually have raised $40 if I make it to the summit!

My suggestion is for you to pay $0.01 per foot or if you can afford it as high as $10 per foot for every foot that I travel to the top (14,179 feet elevation x $0.01 = $141.79). This will keep me motivated after hours of hiking in the steep snowy slope of Mt. Shasta. You can also pay a fixed amount now whether I make it to the top or not such as $40, $50, $100, etc and if I make it all the way to the top then you can make an additional tax-deductible donation. I appreciate you generosity and I thank you from the bottom of heart.

I hope to reach the summit on the day of summer solstice! I will take pictures to proof that I reached the top and share it on my web page.

Much appreciation to you all.

Ramin Yazdani

"I am Just an instrument of the heavens"

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Ramin Yazdani's Fundraising Page
Mt. Shasta for Sahaya Kids