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Orangutan Foundation International Page

Orangutans are on the endangered list. Their natural habitat, the rainforest in Borneo and Sumatra is rapidly disappearing. Please help save orangutans and their rainforest through OFI; in the process, many more unqie wildlife species are saved, too.  The OFI Care Center was featured in the IMAX movie "Born To Be Wild", narrated by Morgan Freeman.

I began this FirstGiving page a few years ago as part of my support for the OFI fundraising fun-run, and although that event is over, our efforts are needed more than ever. We urgently need the support of all conservationists and wildlife lovers for continuing purchase of rainforest for sanctuary and release sites. The Indonesian government limits the number of releases, so it's essential for OFI to own land of its own!  We also need to build large, strong sleeping enclosures until the larger orangutans can be released.


In addition, funds help maintain an orphan nursery forest, named in memory of orangutan conservationist Danielle St Georges. This is our opportunity to save acres of pristine rainforest as future sanctuary and have a safe facility for the littlest and most fragile orphans.  Of course, this benefits  all of the wild animals living there as well as an oxygen providing forest for mankind.  The palm oil developers want this same area of land. 

There are hundreds of orangutan orphans like the one I photographed here on one of my trips to the Care Center.  This baby is grabbing her hair the way she was holding on to her mother when her mother was killed. OFI has saved thousands of orangutans over the decades since Dr. Birute Galdikas first appeared on the cover of National Geographic in October 1975 for her groundbreaking work.

YOU can make a difference! Think of it this way:

   Buy one less magazine, give up a  caloric frappe  coffee (milkshake in disguise), or any number of small acts -- and donate that amount right now to help these gentle creatures In addition, consider becoming a member of Orangutan Foundation International and/or sponsoring one of the orangutans under their care.   For more information please go to the official OFI website at www.orangutan.org   (Note the ORG if you're typing it in by hand at a later time.)


Please check the official Orangutan Foundation International website for update events, orphans to sponsor, and fun runs in various locations.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who wants to support OFI. Thank you to Krista Orangutan for her assistance in this fundraising drive!  No donation is too small! 

Please...  help make a difference in the world!

Why not give orangutan "adoptions" as special gifts on any occasion!  See the available orphans at www.orangutan.org

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Orangutan Foundation International Page
Please help save endangered orangutans!