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reddit r/Christianity's Fundraising Page

reddit r/Christianity's Fundraising Page

Inter-Subreddit Holiday Fundraiser 2011

Learn all about last year's outpouring of reddit generosity here!

Last holiday season, redditors opened their wallets and their hearts in the spirit of friendly competition for charity, raising over $50,000 for Doctors Without Borders, the World Vision Clean Water Fund, and Islamic Relief. r/Christianity (and friends!) raised over $13,000 for the Clean Water Fund. This holiday season, we're at it again. We've raised the goal to $20,000, and hope to adjust it ever higher as the fundraiser progresses.

Give to one charity or give to all, and remember: this is all in the spirit of brotherhood with our neighbors and charity for those less fortunate.

God bless us, every one!

Please consider donating both here and to the campaigns of our fellow redditors:


This is a special opportunity to help children and families around the world who are in desperate need. Please join with me by giving gifts that bring life-changing help and hope. Your support will demonstrate compassion and offer hope to a poor child, family, or village.

Did you know...?

Less than one-third of Haiti's population has access to clean drinking water and sanitation.
A child dies every 15 seconds due to water-related illnesses.
More than 1 billion children suffer a lack of proper nutrition, safe drinking water, decent sanitation facilities, health-care services, shelter, education and information.
World Vision, a Christian relief and development organization, works in nearly 100 countries to help children and families tackle the causes of poverty. With the partnership of people like us, they are making a real and lasting difference for millions of people -- and that's why I wholeheartedly support their work.

When you donate to the Clean Water Fund, your gift will help the following:

Give to the Clean Water Fund to provide clean, life-giving water to families in greatest need. Your gift will allow experts to dig wells, provide pumps, construct latrines, irrigate crops -- whatever communities need most.

This is a wonderful way to express your support for the world's poor. Thanks for joining us in this effort.


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reddit r/Christianity's Fundraising Page