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Regina Harlow's Page

In memory of Sadie Rose Harlow

Regina Harlow's Page

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During a routine ultrasound while pregnant with our first child, the doctors discovered our baby had complications and referred us to prenatal specialists. Our first consultation and ultrasound with them determined our baby had dwarfism, but the specific diagnosis was undeteremined. At our last visit with the specialist before our daughter was born we were told it looked like we would have a healthy baby with dwarfism. 

Sadly, our sweet Sadie Rose died a little less than seventeen hours after she was born. She was posthumously diagnosed with a very rare condition known as hypochondrogenesis. (You can read much more about her and our story on my personal blog at We have since been blessed with two more biological children and recently completed the adoption of a sweet baby girl through our local social services agency. 

Little Sadie Rose has touched many lives through the organization we founded in her name, even though her life was cut so short. We have walked with hundreds of local families and individuals grieving the death of a child through The Sadie Rose Foundation ~

Sadie would be 10 years old June 20, 2017. In celebration and memorium, we wanted to do something that connected us specficially to her unique personhood and our passion for adoption. We invite any and all who would like to honor her life and memory to consider a financial contribution of any amount to the Little People of America Adoption Fund so that children with short stature needing homes can find their forever families. No amount is too small and every single cent raised will remind us that you remember/are thinking of our Sadie and will let children with dwarfism awaiting adoption know that someone cares.

We are also taking orders for homemade doughnuts locally that will be handmade and ready for pick-up Friday morning, June 16, at the Sadie Rose House. See how to order on my blog.

All proceeds will go toward adoption grants through Little People of America.

Our hearts have found healing, hope, and joy through our faith, our additional children, family, friends, and our "Sadie Rose" community, but we still ache with the absence of our sweet Sadie Rose. There hasn't been a day of these past ten years that I haven't thought of her and wished to hold her again. 

Thank you in advance for your love and support. Together we grieve, heal, and remember.

Sadie Rose Harlow - Born, Lived, and Died, June 20, 2007. Happy 10th birthday in heaven sweet girl. 

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Many thanks for your support.

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