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Dillon, Montana
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Remy Arnot RATPOD

As many of you know I rode RATPOD two years ago after recovering from a broken leg. It was an amazing experience and I was happy to support such a great cause. This year I have decided to do it again. I hope to ride the whole distance of 130 miles.

All of RATPODs proceeds go towards a cancer foundation called Camp Mak-A-Dream. Raising money for this ride has a special meaning for me this year. Someone in my family died of cancer this past year, my grandmother Mary Ann Arnot. Her passing has caused me to reflect on lots of stuff, including how many people cancer effects. 

Last year my dad talked about whether or not it was worth it buying my grandmother her new car just before she died. He said that it made her really happy. I think that if something makes a person happy for even just the smallest unit of time its worth it. Life is short. Your donation will create a smile for a child or a family member... just like a car... Camp-Mak-A-Dream brings some happiness to the lives of children who have been affected by cancer. Your donation is the car. (It is a metaphor) Please help me make these children smile and enjoy the world.

Remy Arnot


Thanks for your support! -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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