Renee Lopez-Cantera's Fundraising Page


Renee Lopez-Cantera's Fundraising Page

Renee Lopez-Cantera's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! I've been a board member of this wonderful organization for almost 10 years.

The Hebrew Free Loan Rosh Hashanah fundraising effort allows family and friends to make a tax deductable donatation through this website in a simple, fast and totally secure way.

The donation you make today will provide a loan to a Jewish family tomorrow...

As we are in the High Holidays and the ritual of atonement, Tzedakah is one of the three acts that provides us with forgiveness from our sins. Tzedakah in itself is a mitzvah, which provide us strength and is the foundation of our Jewish community. The community, as well as the individual, has a responsibility to perform deeds of kindness to those in need. Tzedakah is the true strength in creating Social Justice while providing compassion and a helping hand to another person's suffering.

As we continue to see so many suffering around us the need to show true compassion through the act of charitable giving is truly needed now more than ever. The Hebrew Free Loan Association of South Florida has been at the forefront of assisting people - families and individuals - in their time of financial distress. May we all be blessed with a New Year filled with health, happiness and prosperity!

Many thanks for your support.


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